Impacts when Records365 Middle Tier Queue is not processing


What impact is there on the end users and records manager when items aren’t processing in the queue?


When items are waiting in the middle tier queue, either because the queue is blocked and not processing, or because there are several thousands of items in the queue and things are taking ‘longer than normal’ to process the following is to be expected:

  • No impact on Office 365 behaviour for adding, editing content. These actions are recorded in the queue and will be processed when the queue completes processing.
  • Delay in removing items that are deleted. End users will experience a delay in the time it takes to delete the items as before they are to be deleted RecordPoint needs to process a full submit of the content from Office 365 to RecordPoint. This action is queued and so will happen when the queue is back up and processing.
  • Delay in getting a Record Number and Record Summary for new items. As the queue is blocked these items aren’t yet in RecordPoint so a Record Number won’t have been generated until the queue is unblocked. This doesn’t have an impact on the end user (unless they go to the Record Summary and see that it’s not yet being managed).
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