Archiving relating actions (Finalize and Archive) or Disposal result in an error with records not being moved into the RecordPoint Archive

Products affected:

  • 365Connect (versions before 1.52)

When performing any action that includes archiving of records into RecordPoint, a permissions error is generated in the middle tier and the content fails to completely archive. Actions that include an archiving component include:

  • Finalize Archive (initiated from the active site)
  • Finalize (initiated from the RecordPoint/Records365 site)
  • Disposal of records where records are moved to RecordPoint prior to disposal

This is due to changes made by Microsoft in how custom scripting works in SharePoint Online. Previously custom scripting was not required to perform these operations in SharePoint Online.

To resolve this problem, customers should enable custom scripting in their Office 365/SharePoint Online tenant.

Scripting can be enabled from the SharePoint Admin Center,  as described in

N.B. Results may not be immediate and it may take up to 24 hours for the setting to propagate to every site collection in the tenant.

For any items that were affected by this issue, please resubmit the items.

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