Multiple lines of text form fields "cannot contain the following characters" error

This error occurs with multiple lines of text columns that have a text type of Rich Text or Enhanced Rich Text, even if the value does not contain the specified characters. This only occurs on RecordPoint versions 4.04 and onward due to both security hardening and the way that rich text values are formatted in an item's metadata: 

The options to resolve this depend on what version of RecordPoint you are using. If you're unsure, follow this article.

1. For 4.04 environments:

- The only workaround is to switch this column to Plain Text type

2. For 4.05 and onward or Records365 environments:

- Switch the column to Plain Text type, or

- If keeping one of the rich text types, remove the following characters from the Blocked Characters list found at Management > Blocked Characters (i.e. these characters should be allowed):
? < > # /
As this is a security feature, modifying this list should only be performed by a system administrator. For more information on blocked characters, see this article.


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