Slow queue performance if content is manually classified with a classification value not associated with an outcome


Tagging content with a classification which does not have an outcome will result in poor queue performance.

SharePoint may have issues with the availability of the Managed Metadata Service. To remedy this, RecordPoint has a 15 second pause before retry. In this context, if content is tagged with a classification that does not have an outcome associated, there will be a 15 second pause for each item with an invalid manual classification, which will significantly impact queue processing performance.


Option 1: Make that Classification unavailable for tagging.

  • Navigate to the RecordPoint Site
  • Navigate to Site Settings
  • Click “Term store management”
  • Navigate to the Term which corresponds to the Pass thru rule:
  • Uncheck “Available for Tagging” and Save the changes

This approach will prevent users from selecting term set values which are not associated with an outcome.

Example Scenario:

An outcome with classification “level1\level2\level3

Only level 3 should be available for tagging (ie the bold underlined one). All other terms should be disabled from tagging. This will prevent people from being able to select terms not associated with an outcome, and therefore prevent the slow queue processing as a result.

Option 2: Create a corresponding Outcome for the orphaned classification.


While Option 2 will remedy the issue, we do not recommend creating an outcome if it is not a part of the disposal schedule. For this reason, we recommend that classification without an outcome should be unavailable for tagging.

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