CAML Search Results Error Message

Listed below are a few things to check for when receiving the following error message:

“Unable to return the CAML Search Results as the amount of Records to be returned exceeds the limit [5000] for the Web Application." 

  • In Central Administration, check that a “RecordPoint System Monitor Timer Job” exists, is enabled to run every minute, and attached to the RecordPoint web app. Starting in 3.8 storage layer library rollover is controlled by this timer job, so if it is missing or has incorrect settings it may lead to this error. If this timer job is missing, follow these steps:
    1. From Central Administration, navigate to Application Management > RecordPoint Deployment and Configuration > Configuration
    2. Select your RecordPoint web application and site collection, then click “Show Administrative Components” and click OK
    3. Uncheck (disable) the “RecordPoint System Monitor” feature and click Update
    4. Perform a SharePoint Timer Service reset
    5. Re-check (re-enable) the “RecordPoint System Monitor” feature and click Update. This should create the timer job.
  • Ensure that all crawls are up-to-date, and have an incremental crawl run every two hours

  • In Central Administration, navigate to Application Management > Manage Web Applications > select your RecordPoint web app > General Settings > Resource Throttling. Under "Daily Time Window for Large Queries," make sure it is enabled and the duration is set for 24 hours. (NB: RecordPoint does not run any action that executes continuous large queries, so it is safe to keep this enabled at 24 hours.)
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