Errors on RecordPoint Actions from the Active Site

If a user receives an error when performing a RecordPoint action from the Active site (e.g. viewing an item’s Record Summary, finalizing, etc.), the cause could be related to permissions or browser settings. The specific error messages may vary, but will generally contain “Access is denied” or “Not found” in the message. If so, here are a few things to try:

  1. (Browser Settings) - Internet Explorer settings (Tools > Internet Options):

    • Add the RecordPoint Site and Active Site as trusted sites – Security tab > Trusted sites > Sites

    • Enable “Access data sources across domains” – Security tab > Custom level > under Miscellaneous

    • Select “Automatic logon with current user name and password” – Security tab > Custom level > under User Authentication

  2. (Permissions) Add the user to the Record Visitor group in RecordPoint – Management > Security Settings > Record Visitors, then click Update Permissions on the Security Settings page once the user has been added. This is to eliminate any possible permission issues during the cross-site call.

  3. Try accessing the record summary from another web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox)

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