How to add properties to Advanced Search

This article covers how to add additional properties to the Advanced Search page. 


  • See step 7 below regarding the "Name" and determine if the correct managed property exists in the search schema. If not, follow the steps in this article to ensure it exists before continuing.
  • Recommended: follow the steps in the article here to apply a fix to the default date properties (currently affected by a bug)
  1. Log in to your RecordPoint site and go to Search > Advanced Search
  2. Click Edit Page, either under the Settings cog (top-right) or Page tab (top-left)
  3. Click OK to check-out the page for editing
  4. On the AdvancedSearchBox drop-down, click Edit Web Part:
  5. In the edit panel, expand Properties, click inside of the Properties text box, and click the ellipses button:
  6. A popup will appear displaying the rest of the XML, which specifies which fields appear in the Advanced Search's properties drop-down. The XML will need to be edited, so it is recommended to copy/paste this into a separate editor for readability.
  7. Add a new PropertyDef element based on the column that should be introduced as an advanced search property. There are three attributes to this element - Name, DisplayName, and DataType:
    - DataType: this depends on the type of column being added. For any Date and Time columns, set this to "DateTime". For Number or Currency columns, "Integer". For most other columns, "Text".
    - DisplayName: set this to the display name of the column that should be added
    - Name: to get this value, go to Site Settings > Search Schema and search "RecordPoint". The managed property will resemble the column display name but will always begin with "RecordPointXIX".
    e.g. if the column display name is "Text Column", then the managed property will be called "RecordPointXIXTextXIXx0020XIXColumn" (where spaces are represented by x0020). The final result would be:
    <PropertyDef Name="RecordPointXIXTestXIXx0020XIXColumn" DisplayName="Test Column" DataType="Text"/>
    This should go under the <PropertyDefs> node; see below screenshot for placement.
  8. Add a new PropertyRef element with the same Name attribute as in step 7:
    <PropertyRef Name="RecordPointXIXTestXIXx0020XIXColumn"/>
    This should go under the <ResultType> node:
  9. Copy and paste the new XML back into the Properties box on the RecordPoint site and click OK to save, then click OK on the edit panel
  10. Stop editing the page via the ribbon

You should now be able to perform an advanced search using the newly added property.

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