Fix for default date properties in Advanced Search

In the XML defining the Advanced Search properties, there is currently a bug where the default date properties do not contain the proper search options, e.g.: Date_default.png

It is recommended to follow these steps to show the correct options:

  1. Log in to your RecordPoint site and go to Search > Advanced Search
  2. Click Edit Page, either under the Settings cog (top-right) or Page tab (top-left)
  3. Click OK to check-out the page for editing
  4. On the AdvancedSearchBox drop-down, click Edit Web Part:
  5. In the edit panel, expand Properties, click inside of the Properties text box, and click the ellipses button:
  6. A text editor popup will appear displaying the rest of the XML, which specifies which fields appear in the Advanced Search's properties drop-down. 
  7. If this XML has not been previously edited, you can replace the XML in the popup with what is in the attached AdvancedSearchProperties.xml file, found at the bottom of this article.

    Alternatively, to edit the fields individually, set DataType="DateTime" for the following PropertyDefs:
    - RecordPointXIXDisposalXIXx0020XIXDate
    - RecordPointXIXDisposalXIXx0020XIXActionXIXx0020XIXDue
    - RecordPointXIXResentenceXIXx0020XIXDate
    - RecordPointXIXDisposalXIXx0020XIXTriggerXIXx0020XIXDate
    - RecordPointXIXDateXIXx0020XIXRegistered

    Such that the fields in their entirety look like the following:
    <PropertyDef Name="RecordPointXIXDisposalXIXx0020XIXDate" DisplayName="Disposal Date" DataType="DateTime"/>
    <PropertyDef Name="RecordPointXIXDisposalXIXx0020XIXActionXIXx0020XIXDue" DisplayName="Disposal Action Due" DataType="DateTime"/>
    <PropertyDef Name="RecordPointXIXResentenceXIXx0020XIXDate" DisplayName="Resentence Date" DataType="DateTime"/>
    <PropertyDef Name="RecordPointXIXDisposalXIXx0020XIXTriggerXIXx0020XIXDate" DisplayName="Disposal Trigger Date" DataType="DateTime"/>
    <PropertyDef Name="RecordPointXIXDateXIXx0020XIXRegistered" DisplayName="Date Registered" DataType="DateTime"/>
  8. Once that's done, hit OK on the text editor and then OK on the edit panel
  9. Stop editing the page (via the Page tab) and return to the Advanced Search page. Date columns should now have the correct search options, e.g.:
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