Installing RecordPointOnline Event Receivers Time-Out Error

Products affected:

  • Records365
  • 365Connect


While installing the RecordPointOnline event receivers to the site collection via UI or API, the installation process fails with a time-out error. Similarly, uninstalling event receivers from site collection via UI or API fails with a time-out error as well.

This is an issue with the web service being called by both UI and API to perform install and uninstall processes.

Also, this issue mostly occurs in an environment where there are many site collections on the SharePoint site.



A work around for this issue is to use the PowerShell scripts for installing or uninstalling RecordPointOnline event receivers instead of performing these actions with UI or API.

There are two PowerShell scripts provided in the zip file attached with this Tech-note, one for installing event recieivers and the other for uninstalling them.

The zip file provided here can be downloaded and its content can be extracted to any desired location. PowerShell scripts can be found in the extracted folder called RecordPointOnlineEventReceivers. 


N.B. Before executing these PowerShell scripts, parameters will need to be provided appropriate values.

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