Exporting Records in Records365

What is Records Export?

Records Export may be used to export records, files or boxes from Records 365. This may be because the records need to be supplied to an external party, or need to be provided to another organization as part of, for example, a sale or restructure.

Records, Files and Boxes can be exported as XML with the related binaries (if relevant)

How to perform an export in Records365


  1. Records must be first finalized/archived into the Records365 archive prior to export.
  2. Define the saved search in Records365 that will be used to run the Export.
  3. Customers need to nominate a secure place for the exported records to be stored. This can be a secure file location such as a Secure FTP site or cloud storage location.

NB. It is the customer's responsibility to satisfy themselves that the nominated location is secure.


  1. Log a call via the RecordPoint Support Portal noting the requirement for an export and providing the location and login details for the secure file location where the Exported Records will be stored
  2. RecordPoint Support will supply you with the local file location for the export, which is prompted for in Records365 during the export process
  3. Select Export Records Under the group Disposal
  4. Under Record Type, select the Level of Aggregation to be exported (Record, File or Box)
  5. From your Saved Search, navigate through and select the item for export
  6. Click Export
  7. The item is now queued for export
  8. The Export will process (this may take some time based on the size of the export)
  9. Once the export is complete RecordPoint Support will move the export to the nominated storage location.


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