RecordPoint Migration from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016


This topic covers how to Migrate an existing SharePoint 2013 environment to SharePoint 2016 environment.


  • In this example we have a SharePoint 2013 farm with one Active and one RecordPoint application.



Active site =

RecordPoint site =




  • Current version of RecordPoint is 40.1



  • In RecordPoint we have around 1001 active records



  • In storage setting we can have two sites for Records and Binaries




  • From an old farm (2013) we will be backing up or moving following database to new SharePoint 2016 Farm
  • All the content databases related to Active application
  • All the database related to RecordPoint application




You can get the list of database from Central admin



On sql server we can take backup of the database or we copy MDF and LDF files and attach them to new SQL sever.

In this example I copied MDF and LDF files to new SharePoint 2016 SQL Server .



  • Install SharePoint 2016 farm
  • Created web applications in 2016 Farm with same FQDN



Active site =

RecordPoint site =



  • Run the RecordPoint MSI on the new SharePoint 2016 Farm
  • Ensure it’s the same version of RecordPoint



  • Now on SQL server of SharePoint 2016 Farm attach the databases moved from SharePoint 2013 Farm



  • Here we attached Active site databases




  • Here we attached all three databases of RecordPoint Application



  • All the databases are now available in 2016 Farm




Now we have to remove the existing database from Active application




  • We have ran Mount PowerShell to attach the migrated database to 2016 Active application


  • Active site is available in 2016 SharePoint environment


  • All the documents are available with their Record numbers





  • Now we will do the same thing with RecordPoint application


  • All three RecordPoint databases are attached to RecordPoint application




  • In next step we will deploy Solutions to RecordPoint and Action application




  • Solution is deployed to RecordPoint application






  • Solution is deployed on RecordPoint application


  • Now check the RecordPoint license in central admin




In next step, we will connect RecordPoint to correct Search service application


  • Create new content source in Search service application


  • Initiate Search inilitialise



  • Under pack settings connect to right Manage metadata service




  • Once search initialise is done, RecordPoint site in 2016 looks good.



  • Record browser is showing up all records.




  • From active site tried to access record summery and all worked fine



  • Once everything is done please check for timer jobs definition in Central admin




  • If any job is missing re-provision the job from Configuration option in RecordPoint settings available in Central admin.




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