RecordPoint Audit Errors


Many times in event viewer you may see errors related to RecordPoint Audit.

w3wp - /LM/W3SVC/1665476915/ROOT-2-131350637522717571 - 165 - Error Message: RecordPoint Audit Warning. No entries could be processed for [xxxxxxxxx] at this time as the item has [114798] and the system is only configured to accept [1000].

Error Type: RecordPoint.Common.DI.Exceptions.ValidationException

Stack Trace:



RecordPoint utilizes SharePoint's auditing functionality. Please see the following for more information:


Root Cause:-

In RecordPoint config, there is a setting which controls how many entries of audit logs will be submitted to RecordPoint, by default its set to 1000.

However, to pull most recent 1000 entries all the data need to be loaded in memory, if items are carrying huge audit logs it will be a expensive operation and may slow down the submission process.

Here is the location to check the value.





Keep audit logs in SharePoint under control.


Configure audit settings for your site collection:

In the Audit Log Trimming section set Automatically trim the audit log for this site? to Yes. Note that you can optionally specify the number of days of audit log data to retain (if not specified it will use the Farm setting, which is the end of the month by default) and the location to store audit reports before trimming the audit log.


Timer job setting:-



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