Setting up MMS for RecordPoint

RecordPoint doesn’t recommend use of content type hub in Manage Meta data service application connected to RecordPoint application.


In few cases content types in Hub can conflict with content types in RecordPoint application and result in errors.

Here are the steps to create a new Managed metadata service for RecordPoint application.

  • From central admin create a new manage metadata service application.



  • Add permission on the Managed Metadata service application.

Central Admin > Search Service Application > Administrators

Ensure following accounts are there


  • Records administrates account
  • App pool account of RecordPoint application
  • SharePoint Farm account


  • Also, add same accounts as term store admin


  • There are two scripts on the article which will help you in exporting term set from existing Managed metadata service application and importing it on new Managed metadata service application.


  • Once done go to RecordPoint > Management > Pack settings and connect RecordPoint to new Managed metadata service application
  • Post that update cache in RecordPoint

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