Deleting a SharePoint document library that is managed by RecordPoint

In versions 3.2 and above of RecordPoint, documents can be deleted individually, which triggers a full submission of the item into RecordPoint. It is possible to create a script to automate the deletion of all items in a list as well as the list itself.


To delete the document library manually, all associated RecordPoint workflow will have to be detached from the document library.

To do so, go to the Library settings:
1. Go to Workflow Settings and remove any library RecordPoint workflow
2. Go to Advanced Settings and check Allow management of content types as Yes
3. For each content type that contains RecordPoint workflow, remove them from the Library *

* Note: This only removes the content type from the document library, it won't delete the content type from the site

After you've changed the settings and detached all RecordPoint workflow, you should be able to delete the document library.

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