Why is RecordPoint not carrying my custom Metadata on first submission?

Issue Summary: From an Active Site, custom metadata for an item is not carried over to RecordPoint upon the item's first submission in certain scenarios.

RecordPoint allows for the submission of content via automatic triggering of SharePoint workflows from Active Sites. These RecordPoint workflows are limited to the capabilities of the SharePoint workflow engine, which currently allows for the automatic triggering of workflows based on 'Create' or 'Edit' events. It must be noted that in certain configurations, when workflows are set to fire on a 'Create' event, you may find that custom metadata properties are not carried over to RecordPoint with that first submission. However, any subsequent triggers of the workflow, due to an edit or manual firing of the workflow will successfully update all associated metadata to the item in RecordPoint. This scenario only affects the very fist submission of an items to RecordPoint in certain conditions and any subsequent submissions will successfully submit all metadata. 

Scenarios in which the above may occur:

The above scenario will only be experienced when all of the below are true:

  1. RecordPoint workflows are applied directly to a Document Library or Content Type where custom fields/metadata have been added/configured
  2. The RecordPoint workflow is set to fire on a 'Create' event 
  3. Require Check Out is not enabled on the Library
  4. None of your custom fields/metadata are set as 'Mandatory' fields

SharePoint Workflow Limitation:

With 2010 & 2013 versions of SharePoint, when a workflow is configured to automatically fire on a 'Create' event and a document is uploaded/created, the workflow will immediately fire. This is all well and good, but when custom metadata fields are attached to those Libraries or Content Types the end-user is still required to manually input all required metadata for that item. The limitation here is that once the metadata has been completed by the end-user, SharePoint does not re-fire the workflow, resulting in metadata not being passed to RecordPoint (until a subsequent firing of the workflow, either automatically or manually). 

RecordPoint have thoroughly investigated this SharePoint limitation, including a case logged with Microsoft and we continue to investigate suitable fixes for this issue. At this point in time there are no identified fixes that successfully handle this limitation that also result in no impact to desired and designed behaviour of the RecordPoint product. 

Current and suggested Workarounds:

There are currently three workarounds to consider for this scenario:

  1. Enable 'Require Check Out' on your document libraries - with this setting enabled workflows will be triggered when the document is checked back in, which only occurs after the end-user has completed all custom metadata fields.  
  2. Set your workflows to execute on 'Edit' event only (and not 'Create' events)
  3. Configure at least one custom field to be a 'Mandatory' field - when a custom metadata field is set to be a mandatory field SharePoint will, in this scenario, fire the workflows again after the user has filled out and submitted the associated custom metadata fields.  

Note: If a Required Checkout is set, then the RecordPoint Workflow start option must be set on 'Changing an item' and not on 'Creating a new item'. 

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