How to deal with the "Installation Error" during the RecordPoint deployment process


In small number of instances during a RecordPoint installations or upgrade an "installation Error" may occur whilst completing the RecordPoint deployment process. This is because the RecordPoint solutions have failed to deploy correctly to either Central Administration or SharePoint Content Databases. Common causes for this error include:

  • server timeouts/ performance problems; and
  • SharePoint Administration Service being disabled otherwise having limited or incorrect access.

In these circumstances this can be remedied by performing a full retraction of RecordPoint (using standard SharePoint methods) and redeployment of RecordPoint solutions.

Retracting RecordPoint Solutions and References

In order to retract RecordPoint fully, the following processes must be performed in the environment. This can be done either manually, or through powershell:

  1. Retract RecordPoint Solutions from every server in the farm (including Central Administration)
  2. Remove RecordPoint Solutions from the farm
  3. Remove all entries from the 'RecordPoint Install' list in Central Administration
A powershell example of this is included in the attached file in the function "Remove-RPSolutions"

Redeploying RecordPoint

After performing the above steps, RecordPoint can now be redeployed to the environment using the 'Install' action of the installation page in Central Admin, or the RecordPoint powershell methods for deployment. An example of using the powershell method is included in the attached file in the function "Add-RPSolutions"

To do this in the user interface complete the installation/upgrade of RecordPoint steps in Central Admin, the solutions will need to be deployed to each web application as per the installation or upgrade guide for your version.

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