How to Deploy a New Active Site Collection

Once the new active site collection is created based on existing active web application, the following steps will help to deploy on the new active site collection:

1. Navigate to Central Admin -> Application Management -> RecordPoint Deployment and Configuration:
- Click Content Deployment
- Click Next

2. Select Active Site Web Application

3. Optional: Check box available for cross farm installations
This allows you to type the URL of the RecordPoint site as opposed to selecting from a drop down. This process uses RecordPoint Web Services for all RecordPoint processes.

4. Select RecordPoint site URL from drop down

5. Optional: Select the Aggregation Level
If Aggregation Level is unknown at this stage, please consult with the Record Manager for this field. This field is not mandatory for a full installation and can be set post the installation.

6. Check checkbox for the Active Site Collection

8. Select Update

9. When Status says "Online" click Finish

Next step is to apply RecordPoint Submission Workflow. See How to Apply RecordPoint Workflow.

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